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Lovrić, A., Zdravković, V., Popadić, R., and Milić, G. (2017). "Properties of plywood boards composed of thermally modified and non-modified poplar veneer," BioRes. 12(4), 8581-8594.


Possibilities for use of thermally modified poplar veneer were evaluated for the production of plywood boards in industrial conditions. Formats of poplar veneer were treated at temperatures of 190 °C, 200 °C, 210 °C, and 215 °C for 1 h. By combining the treated and non-treated formats of veneer, thirteen different types of board were made. Analyses showed that the examined physical and mechanical properties were influenced by both the type of construction and the applied thermal treatment. Boards composed only of thermally modified veneer achieved the best results regarding moisture absorption and dimensional stability, and boards composed of the combined veneers had better mechanical properties. Treatments at 200 °C and 210 °C proved to be optimal, while the treatment at 215 °C was too harsh and should not be used for the thermal modification of poplar veneer.

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