NC State
Yu, G., Hu, Y., Gu, J., and Wang, Q. (2012). "Reliability analysis of wood-plastic planks based on predicted modulus of rupture," BioRes. 7(4), 5710-5718.


The safety of wood-plastic planks based on predicted modulus of rupture (MOR) is presented in this paper. Three different nondestructive testing (NDT) methods were used as checking tools for dynamic modulus of elasticity (MOE) of wood-plastic planks. The MOR was determined by a three-point bending test. The regression relationship between various dynamic MOE and MOR was evaluated to predict MOR of other identical wood-plastic planks. Furthermore, improved first-order second-moment (FOSM) method was used to analyze reliabilities based on measured and predicted MOR, and evaluate safety of them in service. Results indicated that reliabilities of other identical wood-plastic planks based on predicted and measured MOR were almost the same. The greatest difference between them was 0.01%; therefore, their reliability could be analyzed by predicted MOR.
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