NC State
Podlena, M., and Borůvka, V. (2016). "Stiffness coefficients of mortise and tenon joints used on wooden window profiles," BioRes. 11(2), 4677-4687.


Samples of corner joints of wooden rectangular windows, with widths of 78 and 92 mm, were used to determine the stiffness of tenon and mortise joints. Two series of samples were loaded statically in the angular plane of compression and tension, so that the bending moment could be derived. The objective of the experiment was to determine the existing correlations between the stiffness in maximum strength and the stiffness in the elastic area for both types of tests. After strength tests were carried out, the annual ring width of the samples was measured to determine whether this factor affects the stiffness of the joints. The results showed that there was a relatively strong correlation between the stiffness in the elastic area and the maximum load. A two-factor analysis of variance confirmed that the type of load did not affect the stiffness of the joint, but the type of joint (width) does significantly affect the stiffness. Therefore, the width of annual rings was positively correlated with the stiffness of the joints.
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