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Kminiak, R., Gašparík, M., and Kvietková, M. (2015). "The dependence of surface quality on tool wear of circular saw blades during transversal sawing of beech wood," BioRes. 10(4), 7123-7135.


The article deals with the influence of the tool wear of several circular saw blades, each with different numbers of teeth (24, 40, and 60), on the quality of a machined wood surface. The surface quality was evaluated based on the surface roughness, which was represented by the surface arithmetical mean deviation Ra. To achieve the conditions of manual sawing, the saw blade was shifted into the cut with a constant feed force of 15 N. The results showed that the 40-tooth saw blade obtained the most suitable results; it exhibited the longest sawn distance and reached moderately good values of tool wear. The average values of surface roughness ranged from 3.9 to 14.5 µm, and the saw blade wear increased proportionally with sawn distance. The tool wear of the saw blade had no unambiguous effect; increase in tool wear did not lead to a deterioration of surface quality.
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