NC State
Dickson, A., and Dawson, B. (2020). "Using cell cross-section dimensions and digital image correlation to evaluate drying shrinkage and collapse in Eucalyptus nitens wood," BioRes. 15(3), 6149-6164.


An approach combining maps of wood morphology and digital image correlation was developed to investigate the drying of Eucalyptus nitens wood. Maps of morphological features (vessel and ray distribution) and cell cross-section dimensions were acquired by confocal laser scanning microscopy. Shrinkage maps were generated using digital image correlation. There were statistically significant correlations between shrinkage/collapse and wood morphology at two levels. Firstly, there were positional relationships, with for example, both radial and tangential shrinkage increasing with increasing distance from vessel elements. Secondly, there were dimensional relationships, such as, cells with large perimeters (relative to their wall thickness) on average showing greater shrinkage. Generally, the positional relationships dominated the dimensional relationships. Detailed analysis over large areas allows for a fuller analysis of the interrelationship between wood morphology and drying shrinkage and collapse.

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