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Yang, X., Liu, X., Shang, L., Ma, J., Tian, G., and Yang, S. (2016). "Variation of tensile properties of single fibres of Dendrocalamus farinosus bamboo," BioRes. 11(1), 1609-1619.


This study investigated the mechanical behavior and the variation of Dendrocalamus farinosus single fibres, which were isolated from fibre bundles using a chemical method. A micro-tester was applied to determine the influence of the age of the bamboo sampled, as well as the longitudinal and radial positions, on three indicators featuring tensile properties at the fibre level. The results indicated that the single fibres had a brittle failure mode, resulting in average tensile strength and tensile modulus (MOE) values of 1.06 and 26.93 GPa, respectively. The differing ages and positions across the whole culm appeared to be minor in relation to their tensile properties, which reached a near-optimal state at 2 years old and remained fairly constant. This work could provide basic-data for further research on bamboo properties and increase attention to a potential supplementary material to moso bamboo in industrial utilization.
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